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How to Write for Medical Journals

Behrooz Astaneh,MD
Capacity 30 person

The correct style of writing a medical article is one of the necessities of medical publishing. This workshop aims to familiarize researchers with the optimum methods and principles of writing suitable medical articles and what editors expect from authors.

Minor goals: At the end of the workshop,the participants will be able to:
1) Explain the reasons for the publication of medical articles
2) Recognize the key points editors notice and pay attention to in medical articles
3) Explain the correct structure of a medical article
4) Recognize the key pints that should be mentioned in each section of a medical article
5) Recognize the correct style for writing a medical article

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How to improve medical journalism in the Region

Behrooz Astaneh, MD
Capacity 30 person

The traditional attitude towards medical journalism in the region has led to the under development of this field and the incapability of researchers to publish their scientific articles. The knowledge of attracting audience and the use of effective methods of improving the quality of medical publication which is used by developed countries should be integrated into the current medical journalism system in the region in an appropriate fashion. This workshop is planned to present practical ways for improving the quality of medical journals in the region.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:
1) Know the features of an active website
2) Know the importance of on time publication and how to be on time
3) Recognize the importance of visual attraction and how to attain visibility
4) Recognize the importance of desktop publishing
5) Recognize the importance of professional and full-time management of journal offices

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